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Galveston Island 2012

Galveston Island, January 2012


Tectonic Map of Asia, compiled by the Research Institute of Geology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1982.
Explanatory notes in Chinese and English, a 1:8,000,000 map in 6 sections, each 30 by 20 inches.

Price: $120 plus shipping


Atlas of the Palaeogeographical Maps of the USSR: Carboniferous Period
Published by the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR, 1965. 1:7,500,000 Folio set with descriptive test [in Russian]
Editor: O.L.Einor Comprising five maps, each in two sheets:
Map of the Tournaisian\n Map of the Visean and early Namurian
Map of the Late Namurian and Bashkirian
Map of the Moscovian
Map of the Late Carboniferous
Plus descriptive index sheet
Each sheet 24 by 30 inches: each map 48 by 30 inches. Eleven (11) sheets in all
Complete within a heavy card-stock folio

Price: $650 plus shipping


Atlas of the Geology of Poland 1:2,000,000. [French]. Warszawam 1956.
Comprising five maps:
Map of the overall Geology
Map of the Quaternary Formations
Geological map excluding the Quaternary formations
Geological map excluding the Quaternary and the Tertiary formations
Gravimetric map
Each map 26 by 20 inches

Price: $100 plus shipping


Geological Map of the Union of South Africa, 1955 1:1,000,000.
Six [6] feet wide.
[some stain over index, as shown, but otherwise in good condition]. Mounted on linen

Price: $100 plus shipping

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