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Kerala Uli's

Brass and bronze work has been manufactured in India for hundreds of years and, today, it is possible to have any item replicated with accurate attention to detail. We have both authentic and replicate material in our collection. All metal-work is in its original condition: this maintains its authenticity. Professional cleaning may greatly improves the appearance: if not the value.

We are particularly pround of our two Charakku [large cooking vessels] from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, which unfortunately are no longer for sale. These antique Varp's or Urli's from Kerala become more difficult to find each year we visit India. They are large cooking vessels or bowls and our's are in excellent condition, purchased in Karnataka State, southern India in the 1980's. Although primary cooking vessels, in the modern home and garden, they can be used in numerous imaginative settings. We have used one of these as a large decorative, in house, goldfish bowl; and another as an outdoor fire-pit.

Urli. 31" diameter, 9.75" high. Weight 35 kg. Imprint not yet translated.

Urli. 36" diameter, 10.5" high. Weight: 45 kg. Christian Cross motif on side.

Temple lanterns are evident in all Hindu temples. Currently we have two excellent examples for sale

5.5" diameter, 11" high on a 28" chain. Peacock on top. Excellent condition. From Tamil Nadu with an inscription concerning a Brahmin, probably a Saiva. It reads:
"V.P Comacuntaram Ayyar (Somasundaram Aiyer). Date 21st.July, 1934. Followed by a place name: >Velakkuti, Tancavur (Tanjore), Zilla (district)".
Translated by Martha Selby, a Tamilwalli in Dallas, Texas.

Item brass06: $550

7.5" diameter, 22" high, with large hook. Large Peacock on top. Very good condition. From Tamil Nadu.

Item brass07: $800

Vintage bowls. Our bowls are from Tamil Nadu, circa 1968. They are in their original condition as they came out of the villages: professional cleaning greatly enhances their appearance.

Item bowl: $100: bell metal singing bowl, 6.5" diameter by 2.5" high.

Item bowl-middle: $100: bell metal singing bowl, 8" diameter by 3" high.

Item bowl-right: $80, Copper bowl, 8" diameter by 3.25" high.


Indian craftsmen can reproduce excellent copies of older materials. When sold as replicas these have their own instrinsic worth. Fakes, however, are a bird of a different color as they attempt to deceive. This marine instrument may be a replica produced in the 1960's. Although it may be truely a vintage instrument. It was acquired from a reputable antiquarian in the Port of Madras whose family has been in the antiques business for two generations. The genuine telescopes below were purchased from the same dealer, with whom we have done business since the mid-1980's

Item brass 01: $250

Item brass 02top: $250

Item brass 02middle: $150

Item brass 02bottom: $100

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