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Galveston Island 2012

Galveston Island, January 2012

Four ancient Grantha books on banana leaf

Price: $2,500 for 3 volume set.
$500 for 1 volume of unknown topic
To be purchased as a single package: shipping insurance included.

These are ancient texts from Tamil Nadu, India, written on banana leaf. They are in excellent condition. The language is Gantha, a modified form of the Tamil alphabet used to write Tamil in the Sanskrit language. Grantha is one of the earliest scripts of southern India that emerged from the Brahmi script. It is a left to right script and was in vogue during the 6th to 12th centuries, and was designed for sacred texts in the Sanskrit language. Inscriptions written in Grantha are known from 1383.

Pallava, as used in the ancient Pallava kingdom of southern India is a variant of the Grantha script []

The front and back pages of all four texts are illustrated in order. The first text is called Vijaya Devi [Goddes of Victory] according to Siddhar Agastya.

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